Frequently Asked Questions


Your smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS. The app EMapp is absolutly free.
Create your account. Download EMapp. Take your 2 pictures. Done !

It is absolutly necessary to wear tight outfit (like legging, tight top...), to be barefoot and to put your hair up, in order to guarantee the accuracy of your measurements calculation. Only simple rules, but essential one.

Of course not ! Your data & pictures are kept on your personnal account, you only have to order your clothes when you want, like for usual purchases.
Very important : despite your data & pictures are kept, it is your responsability to rectify your information if your body changes : weight gain, weight decreased...

By definition, a bespoke product is made for you, following your order. By consequence, you can't return it just because you change your mind. Indeed, we are not able to put it back in the stock as we could do for a ready to wear clothe, because it was done only for you.rnBut of course, incidents could happen, and in that case, we take the product back and will decide together what will be done (prepayed stamps, repayment, exchange...)
If you are not satisfied, if there is any problem or if you have suggestion, contact us at the following adress : and we will act in consequence.
We have only one goal : your happiness & your renewal of the Mue store experience.

Our technology is for the adults only.
Warning ! Our solution doesn't work for pregnant women. Indeed our clothes are not designed to permit all the confort necessary for a future mother's body.


Your pictures are encrypted & kept on our secured server. They are only available for you and, if necessary (in case of problem on the measurements for example), by an entitled member of Mues store team.

Yes of course, you can delete it by sending us an e-mail at

Your data are yours, they are only used by Mue store to make your custom-made clothes and to deliver them at your place. None of your data will be given for commercial purposes to a third party.

Your data have been declarated to the CNIL as precised on the Standard terms of use.