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Bride to be : a made to measure dress, modern & elegant... to be perfect but overall yourself the D day.

Guest : an unique made to measure skirt or dress, to be sure you have the only one, to wear for this special occasion but also to be worn again, in other occasion with pleasure.

Bridesmaid or witnesses : assort your outfit & respect everyone body & preferences... Choose your model, customize, you will all be perfect !

Ask us for any special request :

Fabric, colours...

You can choose one of the fabrics available on our catalogue, or find it by yourself, or ask us to find the ideal fabric according to your desire : texture, colours, composition...

Made to measure model, details...

We also are able to add details or change to our models, according to your desire. Possibilities are endless !

Under three weeks, receive the perfect outfit for the big day, which will be created with love in our French manufactury, for each order.

Thanks to the Mue mesures technology you can make an online order, whatever you live, or you can take an apointment to come to our Parisian showroom (by mail or call 06 76 87 42 17).

We are available to advise your on your choice or answer to any question !


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