1. Download our application Mue mesures

It's free, of course

2. Take your pictures

From two pictures took with our app Mue mesures, our algorithm is able to calculate all your measurements necessary to create your custom-made clothes.

3. The app provide all your body measurements

The wonders of technology

4. Enjoy shopping on

Choose your dress or skirt and, if you want, customize it. We will create a special pattern for you, which will be quickly send to one of our french manufacturies. Receive in a few days your custom clothe at your place... enjoy the fitting, your are made for each other !

Our philosophy

Bien aller

In the clothing industry, the Bien Aller (perfect fitting) is the combination of two important points : the good cut, the correct measurements.


Custom-made clothes. All is said.


Real quality and control on our manufacturing process. We choose to work with french manufacturies to acess to their savoir-faire and give you products with true quality instead of pure marketing one.